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 film produced by the Hengda, a self Jay   kobe bryant shoes for sale dance movie "Rooftop Love" will be released on the 11th, the night before the movie premiere was held, Xu Fan, Li Xin Ai starring debut in Beijing to help out. And "small time" as "the roof of love" also referred to as "fan film", which Jay boasted: "I can not just shoot this movie for fans to see, older viewers can find resonance."   "Rooftop Love" premiere held at Beijinggongti site influx of more than 10,000 fans, Jay on stage every move, can easily lead to scream. He also let the audience booing strip show muscle, but Jay calmly said, "does not depend on the box office new kobe shoes   will be able to take off some clothes." 
 the first half of this year, "To the youth", "Chinese partner" and "small time" and other youthful theme of the film at the box office are big explosion, and the "roof of Love", a romantic teen romance element is also Jay play the ace. "Small time" after being released batch of "fan film", referring to "fan film" concept, Jay seemed quite indifferent: "The film does not just shoot for the fans to see, it's the background story of the last century seventies and eighties, so Older friends can recall their youth, while parents can let children look like that era. "when asked whether they had confidence beyond the" small time "box office success, the week Dong King has put his stance: "I want to compete with themselves, and did not want the audience than others, but no matter Behold one, at least, are behind Chinese film, than go behind Hollywood's strong. it. "Jay also bluntly not to make a movie just for fun," In my opinion, the film's reputation is first, followed by the box office, but the award is just a game, of course, if you can achieve the best. "
 film side said, "Love the roof" has been  jordans for sale  selected as the 12th New York Asian Film Festival closing film, Jay put rhetoric: "pattern should be large, not just to beat the Asian market, foreigners must feel watched cattle. Chinese genre, the musical has been very little hope that "the roof of love" can go out and get more people to see. Mandarin musicals, worse than Hollywood. "
 newspaper in Beijing Reporter Lin Shu Jing Wen / Chart 
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