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  Lunar New Year comedy "Hundred star hotel" will be held Feb. 1 national release, "funny" director Vincent Kok bring Ronald [microblogging], Chapman [microblogging], Sandra [microblogging], Raymond Wong [microblogging], Fiona [microblogging] and other comedians with full sincerity of this work for the audience thanks to the early years. Yesterday Xinjiekou International Cinema film specimen, after actor actress gathered a strong team, full of funny stories and delight, as well as today's most IN scripts, there is an unexpected  nike kobe 8 picture, of course, sweet love plot, Let "Hundred Star Hotel" became February Lunar New Year stalls most notable comedy focus. However, the film flashes forward to a variety of placement of the figure, but also as people and feel overwhelmed. 
 film, one hundred super-star hotel is a luxurious five-star hotels, the company's senior executives then send stern ancient Dai reform promotion, so she has extraordinary personality with a group of employees They began the big move, although everyone miserable Oolong one hundred, jokes constantly, but in everything by chance and strive to innovate, to create new hotel has kobe 8 system become a New Year's ultra-luxury spree, a variety of unexpected surprise, and contributed more than for happy marriage ...... "Hundred star hotel" is still the Lunar New Year Hong Kong-style comedy of the road, go Carnival route, workplace struggle to catch a few of love, there are responsible funny, there are beautiful people in charge of the innocent, there are responsible for a fool, regardless of the final a clown or a positive angle, are directed at the camera channel a festive Hail! The film also incorporates a large number of holds many lessons for the topic, "cut cake", "Ice Love" and so on. Raymond Wong similar style to play the same decade also play enough, but fortunately for the occasion, there are always people to join. 
 "one hundred star hotel" shot in the Lake from the hustle InterContinental resort in the world's leading luxury hotel brand under the InterContinental brand for their sponsorship, "100 Star Hotel" specifically for the audience to send ultra-luxury jordans for sale gift ! During the same time to carry the movie release "concept" Hundred star hotel "live a hundred star hotel" viewing events, the film opened to the audience hundred mystery star hotel, we go to the theater to see a movie, have a chance to win a free stay Kuril value gift InterContinental Resort Lake Superior rooms. 
 Yangzi Evening News reporter Ma Yu 
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