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kobe 8 for sale

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 ceremony Gao Qun Shu Jung as Shaohong  kobe 8 for sale  Imaginations Yinrun media PENG Dan and Linda Wong Yu-wei Zhang Jia Rui Gao Qun Shu director Choupai film projects Yinrun Film Union announced plans Imaginations talk about the movie remake plans Imaginations high group relationship is very good high group PENG Dan Gao Qun Shu in and Wei "bad bear" is also one of the items in Xiaotong, JiangMengJie celebration ceremony ceremony Imaginations Yinrun Film Alliance  LOS ANGELES, June 20, Yinrun Media Group held a "Silver Run Film Union" large reception in Shanghai, director of books [microblogging], Imaginations, Ning Ying, Yuen Cheung Yan, Zhang Jiarui [microblogging], AfDB, actor Qin Hao [microblogging], PENG Dan [microblogging], who attended the event. Yinrun media announced the 2013-2014's ten film projects, including the high group, "a sentimental thing," "and covers children Sike" "Brothers empire," AfDB "universal witnessed" Imaginations "intruder", rather Ying "Kung Fu Man," and other works. 
 the day of the announcement of the project, there are several upcoming meet in the summer and the audience. Which Yuen Cheung Yan Ning Ying and director nike lebron 11  of "Kung Fu Man" by the Chen Hu, JiangMengJie [microblogging] starring, will be released on July 19. While the other one will be released on August 13 Tanabata files released in the summer, "a sentimental thing", Angelababy, hee, Huang Xiaoming [microblogging] co-starred in such as China and South Korea star.  new work  "Watchmen" director of non-line of "universal witnessed" invited Aaron [microblogging], Honglei [microblogging], Yu Nan, who starred in the film and animation director on Shengjun "I'm Wolf" will be released in October after the national archives. 
 There are also a number of films will begin Toupai, including new work Imaginations of "intruders", the film portrays a dusty era was too awkward intruder  jordans for sale  crashed through a period of being blurred dream. Also announced projects include the high group "and covers children Sike" "Brothers empire", Gao Bo "run a train", Jiang Zhuo original film "On the cheap arena Record," and the cartoon "bad bear." (Wang Year / Man Sun Hui / Chen Zhi photography / video) 
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